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5 Reason Why You Should Choose A RO Purifier


Before we tell why you should choose a RO purifier, let us briefly tell you what Reverse Osmosis or RO is, RO is a process where you demineralize or deionize water by pushing it under pressure through a semi-permeable Reverse Osmosis Membrane. Now here are the five reasons why everyone ...

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6 Ways To Rock Your Pregnancy

Being Pregnant is no child’s play (Pun intended). An expecting mother goes through a lot during those 9 months from morning sickness to mood swings and much more. It is very easy to feel restless and demotivated during pregnancy, that’s why one needs to repeatedly pamper themselves. I am sure ...

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7 Things Pregnant Women Google


You might have 99 problems but googling isn’t one. Pregnancy leads to confusion, confusion leads to google. Google leads to answers. If you think you’re the only pregnant lady that googles random stuff then I am sorry to say that you’re wrong. Below we give you a list of 7 ...

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5 Super Exercises For Amazing Pregnant Women


Pregnancy is a time where your food cravings take over you more often than not. Expecting mother often find solace in the guilty pleasures of tasty high calorie food. Though we are not asking you to curb those cravings totally, we would like to suggest 5 exercises that will help ...

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10 things to say to a pregnant woman.

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Ok! Firstly pregnancy is not a joke, it’s the real deal. A pregnant woman goes through a lot during the day, from random mood swings to multiple pee breaks. She might be going through one of her mood swings when you meet her so its better if you’re very choosy ...

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10 Signs That You Are One Free Spirited Woman

This is my observation/dedication to all the free spirited women I have in my life. You defied the odds and made it to the top. #YouGoGirl 10 signs that she is a free spirited woman. 1. She Dared A Dream And Made It Happen A free spirited woman is not ...

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10 Things You Should Do On A Date

Here are things you should definitely do irrespective of your gender: 1) Smile That’s something one should definitely do. Wouldn’t you like it if you were greeted by a big smile? That just sets the mood for the entire evening.

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