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8 Reasons Why Rahul Gandhi And Uday Chopra Are Bros From Different Mos

1. Famous Fathers, Useless Sons

 One is the son of the ex Prime Minister of the country, while the other one’s father was one of the biggest producer of Bollywood. I am sure both the noble souls look down upon their son and wish they had used ‘Nirodh’ or had done a ‘NasBandi’. #YehMeraPaapAurMainIskaBaap

2. All Talk no cock

Rahul Baba declared that he will revolutionize the Congress party during the elections. (We all know how that panned out.. LOL).

Uday Baba declared he will quash stereotypes by relaunching himself (For the 6th time) in a damp squib called Pyaar Impossible..

A moment of Silence for Priyanka (Chopra + Gandhi ). #BODMAS *wink wink*

3. Make occasional appearances

 We hardly see these guys unless there’s an election or a New Dhoom movie. Clearly they got no time fo yo Shizzz  #KyaMummy

 4. Unmarried, Rumored to be dating Hotties

This is where it just gets sad. Uday Baba is dating Nargis Fakhri (#Umadgurl) while Rahul Baba has a smoking  Italian Girlfriend. #Idontwanttoliveonthisplanetanymore

5. Never made it Solo

Rahul Baba’s debacle started with the UP election, followed by elections in states like Maharashtra, Delhi, Gujarat and Rajasthan to name a few. But the chap now wants to be the President of the political party he almost has destroyed. Did you ask why ? #MahLyfMahRulzz Bitch!!

Uday baba welll!! let’s just say Neil and Nikki and  Pyaar Impossibru.. #BaskarPagleRulayegaKya


Clearly their parents didn’t give them Badaaam and Complan while growing. Their brain farts will make you feel like an IITian. #KuchBhi

7. Became IIN graduates before it was mainstream

 Even before the commercials bombarded our TV sets and made us question god’s existence, Uday and Rahul Baba became graduates from IIN, and its only after their success that the company gave the thumbs up for the commercials. #IINHesfromIIN

8. Did things no one else will ever dare to do

The only two people who took Arindam Choudhary seriously, They have done things in life, said things in Life that no one will ever dare to do or say. We end this post with some of the most epic things that Rahul Baba has said. We miss you Rahul Baba, please come back soon, Indian politics is boring without you. I love you :*

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