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7 Things Pregnant Women Google

You might have 99 problems but googling isn’t one. Pregnancy leads to confusion, confusion leads to google. Google leads to answers. If you think you’re the only pregnant lady that googles random stuff then I am sorry to say that you’re wrong. Below we give you a list of 7 top things that pregnant women google.

1. Is My Life Over?

Calm down woman, Pregnancy might seem tough and hormonal but trust me it is totally worth it. You will make the best mom in the world so just chill and eat some cup cakes.

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2. Can I Eat Spicy Food?

Long Story Short – Yes you can but I would suggest please do that in moderation. Not for the sake of the baby but your digestion.

3. Cute Maternity Wear

Everyone wants to look pretty during pregnancy and you have every right to look pretty. Googling will give you a million results. We will give you one. Go visit Momzjoy.

4. Natural Birth Videos

Yes the sound of natural birth can be intimidating and I am sure many women have told you how scary it is. Yes! The videos that you might see might be graphic in nature, But trust me it is very normal and totally worth it.

natural birth videos
5. Do I Need Nursing Bras?

Yes you do

6. How Big Am I Going To Get?

This weighty subject is something most moms think about at some point in their pregnancy. It’s hard not to when your doctor is tracking your weight gain at every visit. So chill!


7. How To Induce Labor Now

If you’re over due and can’t wait for the ordeal of labor to get over with, you will try to find out ways to induce labor. I would suggest that you should relax and wait for nature to do its work. There is no point in forcing the issue.


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