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6 Ways To Rock Your Pregnancy

Being Pregnant is no child’s play (Pun intended). An expecting mother goes through a lot during those 9 months from morning sickness to mood swings and much more. It is very easy to feel restless and demotivated during pregnancy, that’s why one needs to repeatedly pamper themselves. I am sure you already have a list but I’ve compiled 6 of my favorite ways.

1. Take Naps, Go To Bed Early

Pregnancy can be a bit overwhelming at times and you feel like have a million errands to run. But hey! Step back, take a break, take a nap. You must complete minimum 8 hours of sleep in a day.


2. Explore The Awesomeness of Food

Pregnancy and cravings go hand in hand. So go out there and fulfill each and every food craving that you have. Experiment with food, explore new recipes.


3. Pedi and Mani

It might be difficult to see your toes when you’re pregnant but that should not stop you from getting your feet and hands pampered. If you always wanted to get that French manicure then this is the perfect time.

mani and pedi

4. Hire A House Keeper

Pregnancy is a tough job especially if you have no one to help you out with your errands at home. From cooking to cleaning to maintaining the basic decorum of the house. Don’t over stress spend a few bucks and hire a housekeeper to help you out. This is the best way to spend your money.

5. Read Write Repeat

Start a blog and pen down all your thoughts and inhibitions, reading feel good stuff is one the best way to pamper yourself and feel good about yourself.

baby and child care

6. Exercise

Yes, I know you’ve been eating a lot extra fries but ladies do not forget to exercise at-least once a day. Staying fit is a great way to beat stress and is very good for your baby. If  you are looking for the best Antenatal, Prenatal , birthing and Lamaze classes in Delhi- Ncr and Noida then visit NCLamaze. They also teach maternity yoga. Nupur Chandra is certified and teaches in small batches and has a personalized approach towards all our clients. We love them you should check them out


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