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10 things to say to a pregnant woman.

Kriti Baveja

I am the co-founder of a maternity fashion brand MomzJoy which has a core mission to make mothers feel beautiful, confident and empowered. We create contemporary, chic, innovative and versatile clothing that provides style and comfort for nursing and pregnant mothers-to-be.

Ok! Firstly pregnancy is not a joke, it’s the real deal. A pregnant woman goes through a lot during the day, from random mood swings to multiple pee breaks. She might be going through one of her mood swings when you meet her so its better if you’re very choosy with your words. Don’t worry we’ve got your back. We give you a list of 10 things that you should say to a pregnant woman.

1. Congratulations!

One can simply never go wrong with a Congratulatory message. Always start with it.

2. Tell Her How Great She Looks

A pregnant woman is usually very low on confidence when it comes to her appearance, tell her she looks beautiful and she will really appreciate it.

3. Keep Reminding Her How Great She Will Be As A Mother.

Every Pregnant woman wonders if she will make a good mom, you need to assure her that she would be more than just fine, she will be the best.

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4. Always Offer To Help With Errands

Being pregnant is a tough job in itself, don’t just sit there as she serves you food, stand up and offer help.

5. You Make Pregnancy Look Like A Piece Of Cake

Appreciate her multi-tasking skills. Tell her she doesn’t look overwhelmed by her pregnancy and is handling all of it like a boss.

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6. Don’t Worry About The Pregnancy Weight

Yes pregnancy does come with weight issues, but you need to keep reminding the pregnant mother that its not that tough to lose the pregnancy weight! The Kardashians did it.

7. How Are You?

Sometimes we get so overwhelmed with the pregnancy aspect that we forget to ask how the person is actually doing. Nobody minds a good non-judgmental ear.

how you doing
8. Wanna Go Shopping?

She is probably tired of being at home and just needs a good outing with her girls that includes a lots of shopping. P.S. Pregnant women love baby shopping.

9. Hey You’re Glowing, Give Me Some Tips

It’s always good to throw in some humor, tell her that she is glowing and radiant and keep asking for her secret.  (Enjoy as she blushes)

please i need this
10. Your Baby Is Going To Be So Cute

Pregnant women loving hearing compliments about their future baby. Reassure her that her baby will be born healthy and will be super cute.

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