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10 Posters That Will Help You Own Your Confidence #EveryBodyBeautiful

So what if you have stretch marks( or as we call them tiger stripes), So what if you don’t have the ‘perfect’ abs, or a ‘perfect’ bikini figure. This is post to remind all of the beautiful people out there that real beauty lies in imperfection and you are awesome as you are. You don’t need anyone’s validation or approval. #HatersGonnaHate

1. My thighs are so sexy, they can’t stop touching each other.


2. To me, Beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin. Its about knowing and accepting who you are.

being comfortable in your skin

3. When Life Gives You Curves, Flaunt Them.

life gives you curves

4. I’ve Got 99 Problems, But My Curves Ain’t One.

Quotes-Celebrating-Women-Bodies (1)

5. Embrace And Love Your Body, It Is The Most Amazing Thing You Will Ever Own

Quotes-Celebrating-Women-Bodies (2)

6. Being Different Is One Of The Most Beautiful Thing On Earth. Embrace Your ‘You’ness

Quotes-Celebrating-Women-Bodies (4)

7. Body Confidence Does Not Come From Trying To Achieve The Perfect Body. It Comes From Embracing The One You Have.

Quotes-Celebrating-Women-Bodies (5)

8. Exercise Because You Love Your Body, Not Because You Hate It.


9. Sexy Is A Mind State, Not A Waist Size

sexy is a mindset and not a waist size

10. Its Not About The Size You Wear But The Way You Wear Your Size.

way you wear your size

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